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YOUNG ADULT CIRCLES give youth caring and individualized attention.


Care for Jamaica's Youth - Care for Jamaica's Future!

About a third of Jamaica's youth are unattached – i.e. not in school, unemployed, or not in a training course. They are susceptible to being sexually exploited and lured into joining gangs. Many grow up in poverty without access to a quality education. And, for too many, the glimmer of hope that shines during the primary and secondary school years dims or disappears completely in adulthood. Too many are witnessing acts and atrocities which would crush even the most resilient. Our conversations with young people like these reveal that they feel ignored and discarded by most in society.

Imagine for a moment, always feeling passed over - through no fault of your own - simply because you are poor.

There is a way forward! We are bringing hope to young adults in Jamaica who experience the heartbreak and loneliness that neglect, abuse, and poverty bring.